Alain Georges is a Miami based Haitian-American Artist. Having a diverse education from Haiti and the United States, he attended Miami International University of Art and Design, where he received his BFA in Visual Arts. 

His inspirations come from optical illusions, pop art , and surrealism. Using these elements he tries to show the world a new perspective combining experiences and memories into his art.

Alain has done community work by painting at high school Killian Sr. High school with his partner Keyani Watkins, who are both currently attempting to paint the whole school. He is also sponsored by art clothing brand AllCity Artwear and is a  part of an art group N.B.A (natural Born Artist)

Alain has also done shows at places like lucid Gallery, Secret garden And Raw Artist Miami. He enjoys connecting and creating  with others like himself. Catch him live painting or in a booth selling some of his Handcrafted T-shirts.

"My mission is to recreate my reality into an alternative checkered universe. Checkers can symbolize the imbalanced and chaotic elements in our everyday realities.